Masterbrain Group

  • This is our think tank and mastermind group, only open to a selected group of individuals.
  • The members support and challenge one another and cultivate an active network.
  • Interdisciplinary action and synergetic lateral thinking underpin our shared basic understanding, as do discretion and trust.


  • For anyone who enjoys proactive, trusting, and practical networking.
  • We are talking about a network of individuals with insight and a real feel for how to bring the right people together with the right issues. This often lights the spark for opportunities and ideas, with other ramifications as well – just like synapses!
  • The network thrives on the shared fundamentals of trust and putting synergies to use.
  • This is not a club or a society. Membership is free and does not give rise to any obligations.
  • It involves nothing more than proactive networking with exciting individuals.
  • Feel free to request membership details or more information any time.