Start-up as a service

  • Suddenly the light bulb goes on, and you have an earth-shaking idea!
  • A product or service that you don’t want the world to live without for another moment.
  • But what then? The idea remains just an idea. It gets lost in the back of a drawer, joining all of those other ideas.

Building a business from ideas

  • We make your business idea a reality by linking the synergies derived from the momentum of a start-up in terms of thinking and acting to the efficient infrastructure of a mature company. That is the key to your success.
  • We take the “seed” – your idea – and plant it in our brainGarden, then make sure it grows in a sustainable way.
  • You benefit from the many years of experience that we have gathered in our own business formations. You also have the advantage of the highly professional infrastructure that we provide to our start-ups as a shared service. Sharing it gives you a solid, scalable, and tried-and-tested foundation that you do not have to build yourself – one that works at the efficiency level of a successful mid-size company.
  • The start-up is continually upgraded and streamlined in accordance with lean start-up principles and allows for cost-efficient growth and easy learning.
  • Everything from design to management and business operations is handled by a single source. brain Garden’s experienced team guides the business to success.
  • You say how deeply you want and are able to get involved in the content. We define interfaces and areas of responsibility together.


  • Disruptive start-ups develop innovative products and services, challenging even large, successful corporations to respond with agility. That is easier said than done. After all, it was its existing structures and processes that made the company successful in the past. But how will rethinking everything within the company and changing its behaviour bring success in the short term?
  • We have the solution for your mid-sized company or large corporation: We’ll be your start-up!
  • We develop innovative business concepts to successfully market your products and services as the basis for your success both in the digital world and against your disruptive digital competition.
  • We will form a new company for you that is like a start-up – not part of your business structure, but on your behalf and in accordance with your vision. We will agree on framework parameters right from the start. These will enable you to integrate the newly formed company into your structures at any time.


  • We link the momentum of a start-up in terms of thinking and acting to the efficient infrastructure of a mature company. That is the key to your success.
  • Start-up as a service makes your time to market extremely short, thereby allowing for fast and flexible market launches on the home market and beyond.
  • Start-up as a service also makes it possible to test new products, services, or processes on the market without revealing the company brand right away. This gives large corporations the opportunity to do market research in “silent mode” and gain experience in the market.
  • You focus on your core business – and the brainGarden team manages and develops your start-up just the way you want it. Includes all necessary structures and processes.